'No story ever really ends, and I think I know why.'
George MacDonald

Unknown Landscape

Billy The Kid 

In 1996, just before I went into studio with Bruce Taylor ( Afcool Studios, Bergvliet ) to record Highway Sixty One, I met my second major musical mentor.  He opened a door, a cupboard door -- to reveal row upon row of 4-track tapes.   We chatted and smoked, and chatted some more.   
Each meeting with my new friend, who kept bees and collected semi-precious stones, was another step deeper into his world of musical experiences.   

He was a retired journalist (do they ever?), at a time when apartheid still held sway.  He had so many more stories to tell, but before he got them all out  -- suddenly, overnight, his candle blew out.  But, he left his mark on a song of mine, which has been changed from a Dire Straits-type sound, to a hard-balled Blues rock tune. 

One morning there he was, standing at my doorstep.  I invited him in, and after another smoke and chat, I played him the original pre-recorded draft of Billy The Kid.*  He listened intently, and when I was done -- he gave me his version of the legendary tale.

A few days later, I went on over to his spot and shared the amended lyrics and he nodded approvingly. It's not the story we are told by Hollywood, it's not the one we hear from dreamy-eyed conspiracy theorists, it's a hard tale in a hard time about a nasty coward.

In it's current form (unrecorded as of yet), I think it's finally at a place where I like it the best. 

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by Eric John Sawyer (aka. Blue Django)

* http://www.biography.com/people/billy-the-kid-278971

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