"One small elastic band, is far more worth than a thousand loose ends." 

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Ripples in Delay (Demo)

by Blue Django

Unless you've never been bored with chords, scales 'n standard tuning, this probably won't mean a thing to you. Rediscovering the heart of what got you playing music to begin with, isn't easy when you got what authors call 'writer's block'. I'd always wondered about alternate tuning, but somehow dodged it until one evening I set 'em up and within a few minutes I was finding my way back to the heart. Why Ripples in Delay? It's just something that occurred to me after reading a book by Lin Yutang. It's a demo and still settling, but it's where it's at for now.
  1. Ripples in Delay (Demo)

Blue Django @ SLOWLIFE - 12 Sept 2014

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